Get Directions Plugin is compatible with all our themes and provides you a new element by which you can navigate your visitors to your company or any other destination. After filling the form, Google map will show a route from A to B with turn-by-turn navigation right on your site, or in Google Maps itself. Get Directions Plugin also extends functionality of our City Guide theme. Now you can be navigated from your position right to a listed item’s address easily.

Get Directions Element

This element will be available in your Page Builder right after plugin activation. General settings of plugin can be found under Theme Admin, where you can see some useful map settings. Element itself is also easy to set up. There are a few differences in settings if you are using directory theme.


Basic Features

  • You can set your company or any address as destination in page builder
  • User can choose a travel type: driving, bicykling, transit or walking
  • User can choose to avoid tolls and highways on his route
  • By the second button can be user prompted to open route in gps navigation app

Directory+ Featues

  • Destination is set by user on front-end, not in page builder
  • On the route from A to B you can see listed items of selected category
  • Item detail will be extended with this functionality automatically

This is what it looks like